Fair Traveling with Ethnotek

May 5, 2016
New York City - vegan City Trip with ethnotek

For our New York trip we have been looking for a backpack, which is not only spacious, but also fair, vegan and sustainable produced. Finally, we decided us for a backpack of the brand Ethnotek.

More information about Ethnotek:

The name of the company consists out of two parts:

Ethno: A science that primarily deals with the comparative and analytical study of cultures.

Tek: Refers to the process and the tools developed by the company to facilitate the solution of practical problems.

The company builds a fusion of Ethnology & Technology. They want to achieve their aims with the help of a high quality and practical bags an backpacks. As well as the use of ethically correct and sustainable handmade textiles. All the hand printed and woven fabrics, incidentally, come from villages in Gana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. In the villages Ethnotek is located, they show commitment for fair and sustainable working conditions. So they are hold up their slogan: “So much more than just a bag It’s a celebration of culture, it’s a global community.” Through various front materials, it is possible to carry more stories from the different villages with yourself. As you can read below, the backpack can be easily “transformed”. If you are looking for more information about ethnotek simply stop on their homepage.

The backpack more in detail:

Here you can find the model, “Raja 46 – Indonesia 6“, which we have. The backpack is with 200$ not cheap, but quality and sustainability costs have its price. The backpack is from a very high quality and offers plenty of storage space. I think it’s great that it has a lot of individual compartments in which my stuff find its place. The batik fabric that makes the backpack so special is handmade directly in Indonesia, from Ivan & Permong Perkasa. The batik pattern can be supplemented and changed by different motives. So you can make a new backpack without buying a completely new one. The back surface is also ergonomically designed, which makes it very comfortable to wear it all day on your back.

In conclusion: The backpack will be our faithful companion for lots of more city- and weekend trips, not only in New York City 🙂

New York City - vegan City Trip

Outfit: Jeans (Kuyichi), Hoodie (epona) /both fair & vegan

New York City - vegan City Trip

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