Organic Underwear by Swedish Eco

March 7, 2016
Swedish Eco - Organic Underwear

I often searching for presents for my boyfriend. And because I want only the best for him, I set the focus on sustainable and fair products, which make him happy for a long time. This time I discovered in my search the label Swedish Eco: This company makes underwear from GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s not just that it looks good, but is also feels very good on the skin. As the name suggests Swedish Eco comes from Sweden. Their goal was to develop a fair alternative to conventional underwear and thus to combine Swedish design with organic cotton. The result: stylish products that flatter the skin.

The cotton for all products grows in Turkey without the use of hazardous substances. With Swedish Eco can be sure that the whole production from seed to finished product is fair and sustainable. For more information visit their page.

Homepage Swedish Eco

Swedish Eco - Organic Underwear

Swedish Eco - Organic Underwear Swedish Eco - Organic Underwear

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