My favorite products from Primavera

February 10, 2016
Primavera Gesichtsfluid

Once again I am glad to show you some new favorites of natural skin care. The company Primavera has been there for around 30 years, no wonder that they have much to offer in terms of vegan and sustainable cosmetics.

Their philosophy: Primavera products are food for skin and all senses. For holistic well-being every day. Their quality seal stands for genuine products, for fair trade with organic farming partners, and for respectful treatment of humans and nature.

All products contain pure natural organic ingredients. My favorites include the Moisturizing Protective Lotion with Organic Neroli and Organic Cassis, it smells refreshing and gives my skin every morning a real kick and really touches all senses.

Secondly, the Repair Hand Cream with organic lavender and organic vanilla. Just in the evening I can turn off  and my hands can relax.

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