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February 23, 2016
Dr. Bronners Naturkosmetik

Often we buy lots of products and each is very specific to solve our problems. But why not just vice versa? A product that can all in one: Exactly this promises Dr. Bronner´s with its pure natural soap.

The following things the soap is able to: Shower gel, facial cleansing, Reisehampoo, wet shave, Travel toothpaste, baby care, stain, colds, Fußpflegebad, animal shampoo, mouthwash, deodorant, inhalation, detergent, fruit cleaner, delicates, plant protection and cleaning for the cosmetic brush.

The range includes the pure natural soaps but also other products such as lotions, lipbalms, bodybalms, hand & body soaps, and my absolute favorite, a hand-hygiene spray with Lavender.

I have several samples with various fragrances. My favorite products include  the natural soap with Rose and the Hand Hygiene Spray with Lavender. Since I have the spray, I have always have it with me in my purse. So I can go freshen my hands and clean them anytime.

In my opinion,  the products are soft for my skin and are very economical! They also smell wonderful natural.

The following certifications has Dr. Bronner´s:

NaTrue: NaTrue of Brussels examined the highest quality of raw materials and gentle processing. NaTrue is the first internationally-designed certificate for organic and natural cosmetics. Only products with 95% organic content will also receive the predicate ORGANIC COSMETICS.

Fair for Life: The Fair for Life certification is awarded by the Swiss Institute for Market Ecology IMO on behalf of Biostiftung Switzerland. A detailed list of criteria which defines the principles of fair trade and high social standards is checked locally by the IMO on its compliance and provided for success with the Fair for Life certification.

BDIH: The German test mark “controlled natural cosmetics” is investigating the use of natural raw materials, resource-saving production methods, the optimal degradability of products and the use of recycled packaging.

USDA Organic: Products that bear the American USDA label, containing more than 95% of ingredients from organic farming.

OTCO: The Oregon Tilth certificate verifies the standards in organic farming and social management. Fair Deal: The American Fairdeal Label reviews the standards in organic farming and fair trade.

All Dr. Bronner’s products are also tested on animals .

Those who want more information, here you come to the page of Dr. Bronner 🙂

Dr. Bronner´s - Hygiene Handgel Dr. Bronner´s - Reine Naturseife Dr. Bronner´s - Reine Naturseife

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