Fair and Vegan Sneaker

February 17, 2016

As vegan you want not only animal friendly food, but also beautiful clothes without animal ingredients. For clothing I make a decision, they must be vegan. Equally important for me is also a sustainable and fair production. I own a new pair of Fair and Vegan Sneaker. In this everything is guaranteed, what I expect from a great vegan shoe.

As you can see in the picture I am dedicate with my beautiful Ethletic sneakers and did my weekly market shopping today. I’m so happy with these shoes, I have to show you them and introduce today the label “Ethletic“.

All Ethletic products contain Fairtrade organic cotton, are produced from sustainable resources and are 100% vegan. The cotton for the sneaker comes from FLO certified smallholder plantations of India. “FLO” is = “Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International.” The certification organization FLO-CERT will take care of certification, inspections and audits of the contractors.

The rubber from Sri Lanka for the soles is FSC certified. “FSC” stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and is an international certification system for forest management. The FSC standard requires that the ecological functions of the forest must be preserved, it protects endangered animal and plant species and ensures the rights of citizens and workers.

Natural rubber is biodegradable, thus contributing to a healthier environment and prevents the growth of plastic carpets on our oceans.

Ethletic is closely linked with the employees, thus ensuring fair conditions for the workers on the plantations. To check this they regularly visit the plantations.

In my personal opinion, the shoes are very comfortable and are definitely worth a purchase. Priced they aren´t more expensive than shoes from renowned brands, which produce not fair.

Here you can see the model that I own.





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